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What Makes ReminderDental so Affordable
What Makes ReminderDental so Affordable
Our Favorite Practice Management Software
Our Favorite Practice Management Software
What is different for Dentrix and Eaglesoft Offices
The differences in how ReminderDental works for different PMS
Setting up an Eaglesoft office
Set up an office in only 15 minutes.
Setting up an Open Dental office
Set up an office in only 15 minutes.
Beginners Tutorials
Connector Downloads
Explanation of the the downloads page and a little on how connectors work at
Setting Up Multiple Users
Explanation of the Multiple User Configuration
Social Media Configuration
Explanation of the Social Media Configuration
Recall Procedure Groups
Explanation of the Recall Filtering
Multi-Office Setup
Explanation of the setting up multiple offices and configuration
Video Documentation
Live, quick and simple help on how to use - Check out the videos in this Playlist.
Explanation of the Dashboard Calendar on
Action Items
Explanation of the Dashboard Action Items on
Activity Log
Explanation of the Dashboard Activity Log.
Dashboard Preferences
Explanation of the Dashboard Preferences on - How to customize the view.
Appointment Schedule
Explanation of the Appointment Log
Appointment Statuses
Explanation of the how to configure your appointment statuses
Feature Requests
Explanation of the Feature Requests
Quick Fill and ASAP
Explanation of the ASAP System and Quick Fill Section
Feedback Request
Explanation of the Reviews and Feedback Configuration
Feedback Configuration
Explanation of the Reviews and Feedback Configuration on


How to Introduction
Patient Communications
How to send email blasts
How do patients op out, or back into messaging
How does ReminderDental handle multiple family members
How does ReminderDental filter texts with a shared phone number
How do I track if the patient was sent text or email
How do I text a patient that doesn't have an appointment
How to Set up Group for Emails and Calls
Take your office to the next level by using groups to email or call. With Reminder Dental you no longer need to send text messages to your patients from your phone or your front desk personnel's person phones putting an end to your HIPAA compliance concerns. Now you can schedule future texts, do mass texts to filterable patient groups, use templates for emails and calls and so much more.
How to communicate with patients during coronavirus situation
How to communicate with patients in a larger scale for emergencies or extenuating circumstances
How do appointment filters work
How do I attach a flyer to email blast
How do I send forms to new patients
How do I send a text to all of our patients
How do I send a text to a list of scheduled patients
How do I create a URL placeholder
How do I notify patients of a new address
How do I limit confirmation messages to the fewest
How do I disable sending confirmations for a chair
How do I disable phone calls
How do I customize message content
Office / User Management
How do recall filter groups work
How do I remove past employees
How to Use Custom Audio
How to record and use customized audio for your phone calls
How do I set my commlog preferences
How do I prevent messages going out to early in the morning
How do I know if Reviews are being sent automatically
How do I go live
How do I disable ReminderDental
Display Preferences
How do I toggle weekends
How do I customize the dashboard display
How do I know when new features come out
Why does it say today, instead of tomorrow
Why didn't the patient get the message 10 minutes after appointment
Why do I get an error about messages on Sunday not being delivered
Why don't I see my patient listed
Troubleshooting Connector
Troubleshooting connector issues
Api Workflow
The ReminderDental Api workflow
ReminderDental Log Files
An overview of the log files for the ReminderDental connector
Configuration.ini Explained
What is the configuration.ini file is for
ReminderDental Files
What files are created when installing the connector
Multi Lingual Automated Message
Creating a multi-lingual automated message
How do I customize the Master Template
Reseller Info
Information about our reseller program