Download The ReminderDental Popup

The Popup allows you to have native desktop alerts, two way texting, emails, billing, and so much more! Once you've created an account, downloaded the connector to your server and synced your database, it's time to add the ReminderDental Popup to your front desk computers and any other computer you want to communicate with patients from.

How The Popup works

Long time customer Zena calls into the office needing an appointment.

A quick search of Zena in The Popup grabs all of Zena's relevant information and action items from

You also see that Zena has an outstanding balance of $271.00.

Lastly, you see Zena has never had a review invite, so you ask if she would and text her a Google review link.

Rather than simply getting one appointment scheduled, you managed to get that bill paid, get a live reminder done, and get a new review all in one call.

Without the smart ReminderDental Popup, this would have taken at least 17 clicks to see different views in several softwares, pre-emptive preparation to pull all the data together and probably some phone tag too.

Two-Way Texting from Your Desktop

ReminderDental is going to handle all your automated texts that need to happen with every appointment, but what about working out the small non-automated details? Patients reschedule appointments, have special requests and emergencies, and more. The ReminderDental Popup allows you to handle all those with ease.

  • Two-Way texting is one of the easiest forms of communication. In fact over 90% of all customers say they prefer text over call.
  • Without a texting service, your office staff and yourself are put in a tough situation, you want to text, your patient wants to text, but your personal number isn't what you want to give out.
  • Two-way texting from The ReminderDental Popup allows you to stay HIPPA compliant by keeping all those conversations tidy and connected to company infrastructure
  • 98% of all text messages get opened.

But how much does it cost?

You probably already know that ReminderDental costs $50/Month and has no contracts. So how much extra would it cost to add ReminderDental's awesome desktop app to your computers? ZERO DOLLARS. Why free? To us it's simple, and it follows the culture of how we look at everything in our company. If it doesn't cost us monthly to have the software available, then we don't charge anything extra for it. That's why ReminderDental just keeps getting better and better. If you think there's a gotcha... then scroll down and download it so we can prove it to you. Remember to sign up for at least a free account and sync your data first though!

We currently have no available versions of the ReminderDental Popup. Check back soon!