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ReminderDental is designed to handle all the communication with patients for a dental practice, including text message reminders of upcoming appointments, emails, marketing campaigns to patients, automated phone calls to patients, and more, all while allowing dental practices to continue using their favorite practice management software. ReminderDental strives to make this communication as seamless as possible, and we've found it helpful to write out the overall process so that anyone from a dental assistant to an IT company can get a sense for how we operate.

Basic Office Setup


In any instance of ReminderDental, there are three general pieces of software:

1. Practice Management

This is the type of program that runs on a dental practice's computers and holds all the patient and appointment data. This piece of software is sold by other vendors such as Dentrix, OpenDental, and more.


This software is where all the magic happens. It's the part that actually sends the text messages, emails, and automated phone calls. There is a web interface that allows you to see all communication with every single patient, and an application program interface (API) which helps our system communicate with your practice management software.

If you already have an account, you can login by clicking the button below.

If you would like to see what's inside ReminderDental, check out our demo.

3. ReminderDental Connector

This piece of software is (You guessed it!) the bridge that connects your practice management software to ReminderDental. It is a free, downloadable program that runs on your dental practice's server and helps to sync patient and appointment data to ReminderDental.

The ReminderDental Connector software has a specific version for each practice management suite that we support. To download the latest ReminderDental Connector, click the button below.


To get setup with a fully functioning ReminderDental account, you will need to have downloaded the ReminderDental Connector specific to your practice management software (i.e. Dentrix, OpenDental, etc.). During installation of the ReminderDental Connector, you will be asked for your Practice Token. Think of this key as the admin password for your account. You should not share this Practice Token with anyone else.

Once you have successfully installed the ReminderDental Connector and it has synced with the ReminderDental, you're all set to see your data with us. From there you can do some simple configuration (we'll walk you through it in our setup tutorial) and start sending messages.

How Does It Work?

Once you're done with your initial setup, the ReminderDental Connector will constantly monitor your practice management database for any changes. Shortly after a change in an appointment or a patient record is detected, the ReminderDental Connector will sync those changes up to the, which in turn handles all the sending/receiving of messages.